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If you have been in a vehicle collision accident, our fleet of tow trucks are available 24/7 to safely transport your vehicle to our repair shop. Our emergency services will be quick to your side. Give us a call and we'll help you in this stressful situation.



Whatever situation you are in, we'll tow your vehicle at any time



If you have been in a accident, we'll tow your car to our repair shop



Our automotive repair shop offers extensive repair services

Providing Roadside Help

Do you need a tow after a car accident? We've got you covered. At Norfolk County Emergency Towing, we specialize in providing swift and reliable towing assistance after car accidents. Our modern fleet of flatbed tow trucks and heavy-duty equipment ensures safe recovery. With our skilled operators, we prioritize your safety and aim for quick clearance of the scene, getting your vehicle to our repair shop promptly.


Our professional and reliable towing service specializes in handling vehicle accidents swiftly and safely. Whether it's a minor fender bender or a major collision, our team is here to assist you 24/7 with your accident recovery. With our quick response times and expert care, you can trust us to get your vehicle off the road and to our repair shop efficiently. We have small flatbed tow trucks and large ones so no matter the size of the vehicle, we can provide light or heavy towing. We know how stressful this situation can be and we will provide care to yourself and your vehicle.

We are a family owned business deeply rooted in the Norfolk County community that strives to be the go to towing service company for any vehicle collisions that occur. We hope our warmth and compassion will make this situation a little bit easier for you. Don't stress after a crash, call us for reliable car accident towing you can count on.

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Areas we commonly serve in the Norfolk County:






-Port Rowan

-Port Dover

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Norfolk County Emergency Towing provides services for the entire Norfolk County, from Tillsonburg all the way down to Port Dover, we have you covered. Our services don't just stop at car accident recoveries, we also provide tire changes, battery boosts, winch outs, key lockouts, and fuel deliveries.

Our team is constantly spread out through Norfolk County, so getting to you quickly will not be a problem. Especially if you have been in a car accident, getting a tow truck to your location quickly is very important to us. We don't want you to be stressfully waiting for help to arrive. If you have been in a vehicle collision, our accident recovery services will be at your side very shortly.

We have years of experience with towing and roadside assistance. Whatever problem you are facing, we will be sure to get you back on the road as quickly as possible. Don't hesitate to call Norfolk County Emergency Towing for all of your emergency roadside needs.

Give Us A Call Anytime
We're Available 24/7



We are experts at helping people when they have been in any form of collision. Car accidents are annoying, stressful, and all types of unsettling. Don't panic, stay calm, and give us a call. We will be with you every step of the way. We have a fleet of tow trucks ranging from small wreckers to large flat beds for heavy towing.




Accident Recovery and Repair

Welcome to our 24/7 Car Accident Recovery Towing Services! At Norfolk County Emergency Towing, we understand the stress and inconvenience that comes with being involved in a car accident. That's why we're dedicated to providing comprehensive towing services tailored specifically for car accident recoveries, available round-the-clock to ensure you receive assistance when you need it most. Luckily for you, we also have an automotive repair shop to transport the vehicle to. After assessing the damage to you car, we can decide if it is worth fixing and getting it back on the road.

Our extensive fleet of cutting-edge flatbed tow trucks and heavy towing equipment is meticulously maintained and ready to respond to any car accident scenario. Whether your vehicle has been involved in a minor fender bender or a major collision, our skilled operators have the expertise and equipment necessary to handle the situation safely and efficiently.

When you find yourself in need of emergency towing services after a car accident, you can count on Norfolk County Emergency Towing to deliver prompt and professional assistance. Our drivers are highly trained and experienced professionals who understand the importance of prioritizing your safety and the swift recovery of your vehicle. We'll arrive on the scene quickly, assess the situation, and implement the most appropriate towing solution to clear the area and transport your vehicle to a designated location or repair facility. As much as we care for the safety of your vehicle, we also care about the safety and well being of yourself. We have helped many people in the same situation you are in which is why we bring compassion to every emergency towing service call.

At Norfolk County Emergency Towing, we recognize that every car accident is unique, and we approach each situation with the utmost care and attention to detail. Our goal is to alleviate the stress and inconvenience of the accident by providing reliable and efficient towing services that you can trust. From coordinating with law enforcement and insurance providers to ensuring proper documentation and handling of your vehicle, we'll handle every aspect of the towing process with professionalism and integrity.

Don't let a car accident disrupt your day any longer than necessary. Trust our professional experts for all your car accident recovery towing needs. With our 24/7 availability and commitment to excellence, you can rest assured knowing that help is just a phone call away. Whether you are located in Tillsonburg, Delhi, Simcoe, Port Dover, Port Rowan, Courtland or Straffordville, we will be at your side during any time.

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